Slash Coolant Costs with Disk-Type Oil Skimmers from CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies

  • Remove tramp oil to extend coolant life
  • Eliminate foul odors by preventing growth of anaerobic bacteria
  • Minimize dermatitis caused by skin contact with dirty coolant
  • Prevent plugging of coolant nozzles and filters
  • Easy installation with 1 year warranty


Searching for a cost-effective way to remove tramp oil from your coolant?

Disk-type oil skimmers from CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologiesare your solutions!

This smart oil skimmer remove up to 2.6 gallons Per hour of waste oil. The process is simple:

CNC The disk picks up the coolant/oil mixture from your sump.


CNC Coolant sinks to the bottom of the unit and is discharged back into the coolant tank.


CNC Waste oil rises to the top, where it is diverted into a containment barrel.






Three Programmable Modes:

  • M1: Run 2 minutes, pause 2 minutes
  • M2: Run 5 minutes, pause 5 minutes
  • M3: Run 8 minutes, pause 8 minutes

Skimmed waste oil can then be recycled for additional savings! In addition to reducing fluid-disposal costs, these oil skimmers will help you meet government requirements for water discharge.

Check out the DG-260-TSL disk-type oil skimmer and start saving money today! Welltech DG-260-TSL Disk-Type Oil Skimmer Watch this Welltech DG-260-TSL Oil Skimmer Video!
These units feature a STRONG STAINLESS STEEL DISK that withstands the abuse of the shop environment. A one-year warranty is standard with every unit.




Item / model Dimensions Disk diameter Reach Capacity (gallons/hr) Power
DG260-TSL 15.35″ x 9.45″ x 5.90″ 10″ 5.75″ 2.6 110V

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