Rotary Tables and Accessories

CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies is proud to represent the complete Ganro Industrial Corporation (Golden Sun) product line of rotary tables, indexers and accessories. For over 30 years Ganro has been producing a wide variety of rotary table and indexer products to accommodate most manufacturing indexing and rotating requirements. Ganro rotary tables can provide a solution for rotating and indexing small workpieces to large workpieces, for vertical and horizontal applications, for 4 axis and 5 axis work and for manual and automated applications. Ganro products give manufacturers the capability of improving the manufacturing process by accessing multiple workpiece faces in one clamping. This improves workpiece accuracy and reduces manufacturing cycle times. If you are not sure what product best meets your production requirements please contact CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies to discuss your application. If you would like a complete Ganro product catalog please complete the contact us form.




Standard Large Rear Motor Mount Tilt
Faceplate Range:
5″ – 32″
Faceplate Range:
40″ – 98″
Faceplate Range:
6″ – 10″
Faceplate Range:
8″ – 31.5″



Horizontal Horizontal Index Face Gear Accessories
Faceplate Range:
16″ – 118″
Faceplate Range:
12″ – 55″
Faceplate Range:
10″ – 20″


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Our Rotary Tables

Standard Rotary Tables: The DR Series standard rotary tables are available in size ranges from 120mm (4.72”) to 800mm (31.49”) in faceplate diameter, with full rotating axis capabilities, vertical and horizontal mounting positions and large thru-holes for maximum flexibility.

Large Rotary Tables: The standard DR Series also offers large rotary tables in size ranges of 1000mm (40”) to 2500mm (98”) in faceplate diameter. Our large rotary tables also offer vertical and horizontal mounting and full rotating axis capabilities. A hydraulic brake system allows these workholding devices to reach high clamping torques.

Rear Motor Mount Rotary Table: For smaller vertical machining centers, the rear motor mount rotary table is available in 170mm (6.69”) and 250mm (9.84”) faceplate diameters.. With cross cylindrical roller bearings, these tables achieve high rotation accuracy that can bear heavy loads in all directions.

Tilt Rotary Tables: The Ganro Industrial Corporation tilt rotary tables are available in three different designs: standard trunnion tables; compact tilt rotary tables; and manual tilt tables. They accommodate a wide range of 4th and 5th axis manufacturing needs and sizing requirements.

Horizontal CNC Rotary Tables: The HR Series horizontal CNC rotary tables range in size from 400mm (15.74”) to 3000mm (118.11”) square. The full rotating axis can be incorporated into a machine’s control or as an indexer with an M-Mate AC servo controller. Designed specifically and solely for horizontal mounting, these tables can bear heavy weights for large workpieces.

Horizontal Index Tables: The Ganro horizontal index tables come in two varieties: manual and CNC index tables. The HC Series can be incorporated into a machine’s CNC control or operated via M-Mate servo control system. The GCT Series is manually indexed.

Face Gear Rotary Tables: For heavy workloads that require a high degree of rigidity and accuracy, face gear rotary tables come in 250mm, 320mm, 400mm and 500mm sizes. Designed with a three-piece Hirth coupling for no-lift rotation, these tables can be operated through an AC servo controller or incorporated into the machine’s CNC controls.

Rotary Table Accessories: We maintain a stock of the most popular accessories for Ganro rotary tables and indexers, including tailstocks and indexer controls. And with worldwide connections and resources, if we don’t have the accessories you need on hand, we can find them.

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