Standard Tilt Rotary Table

Tilt/rotary configuration permits complex 5 axis machining

Turn your 3 axis machine into a 5 axis machine for a
fraction of the cost of a new machine

High rigidity allowing for heavy loads

Can be setup as full 4th / 5th axis or as an indexer


Ganro Tilt Rotary Tables


The TR Series is Ganro Industrial Corporation’s tilt rotary table line which is available in the most popular sizes. The sizes range from 150mm (5.9”) to 800mm (31.49”) in faceplate diameter. Convert a traditional 3 axis milling machine into a 5 axis machine by adding a tilt rotary table for a portion of the cost of a full 5 axis machine. Ganro’s tilt rotary tables can be utilized as full rotating and tilting axes incorporated into a machine’s control for true 5 axis work. It is also possible to install as a full 4th axis with an index only tilting axis or with both axes set up as indexers with Ganro’s M-Mate AC servo controller. All Ganro TR Series tilt rotary tables use Ganro’s core technology of a double lead worm shaft and worm wheel system for high precision and reduced backlash. Ganro rotary tables are assembled using cross cylindrical roller bearings with high rotation accuracy capable of bearing heavy loads in every direction.

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Certified Ganro Title Rotary Table Service Techs

As the exclusive importer and dealer of Ganro products in the United States, CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies stocks the most popular Ganro rotary table models, accessories and spare parts. We have certified service technicians for installation and repair of all Ganro and Golden Sun tilt rotary table models. Please contact us today to learn how adding a Ganro tilt rotary table can help improve your manufacturing process.

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